IT & English

Information and Communication Technology Laboratory

The ICT Lab of the college is currently operating in networked environment with more than 50
computers including multi media. Internet facilities are available in the lab during the Centre
opening hours.
The main objective of the ICT program offered is to provide with the basic knowledge and skills
about computer science and System Designing, Database Management, Networking, Multimedia
Designing as a supportive course unit right through the students’ academic career in the college.
The Importance of Information Technology has been mostly highlighted in the field of Business,
Engineering, Management and Technology. Using information technology, our students will be
able to have the ability to view changes in the national and global markets far faster than they
usually do.

English Language Teaching Unit

The English Language Teaching Unit of University College of Ratmalana represents the practical,
task-oriented aspect of Teaching English as a Second Language. This provides the necessary
knowledge to improve the four skills of all the students who belong to UCR community which
will be supportive for them in their respective fields of study. English Language will be offered as
a supportive subject right through the students’ academic career in the college.
This unit is also equipped with a language laboratory which advocates self-learning with newest
online language learning packages. The laboratory is accessible to the students during the working
hours of the college and they could enjoy the complete facilities it provides.
As our college provides National Diplomas in competitive fields of study which move forward
with technological novelties, it is highly essential to learn English to evolve with it, being versatile
enough to enter into their respective industries.