Notice to All Students

The University College of Ratmalana has taken measures to offer online delivery of programs from 10th April 2020 via Google classrooms and other virtual learning methods. The academic staff will guide you through this process and you can obtain necessary information related by contacting respective Course Coordinators, Heads of Departments. Further details will also be published on our web. This is in compliance with the Ministry directive to commence offering courses online.  Also students are requested to check their email regularly and be align with this e-learning, there will be an online monitoring dashboard to monitor the activities conducted. We understand that some of you may have difficulties accessing online but it is recommended to make an arrangement to work with this system.

Google Classroom is web based Learning Management System (LMS) that allows creating, distributing, sharing course materials and grading assignments virtually between teachers and students. Students can be invited to join a class through a private code, or automatically imported from a university college domain. Students can access the classes using Mobile apps, available for iOS and Android devices and access information. Lecturers will monitor the progress for each student and offer feedback in due times.

Below links will help you to get familiarize with Google Classroom.

Please adhere to the publications on your Google classrooms timely in order to take the maximum productivity of this period of studying from home.


Kind regards,
K.M.S Wijenayake
Chief Executive Officer

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