Maritime & Logistics Management

Higher National Diploma in Maritime and Logistics Management

Maritime and Logistics Management is one of the nine programs offered by University College Ratmalana and is produced industry oriented graduates to cater the ever growing demand in Maritime and Logistics Field. Being strategically located in the center of the Shipping routes Sri Lanka has become Transshipment hub for Merchant ships sailing from East to West and vice versa. With the drastic increase in Import and Export cargo, the necessity for smooth and efficient movements to and from the Ports has become vital since the small delay incurs higher cost. In that case Logistics plays a crucial role in the entire Supply Chain. Hence, having learned concepts in Maritime and  Logistics and having exposed to the industry students will be able to contribute to the country’s economy effectively.
Maritime and Logistics Management is a Three year course in which during first six months all the basic concepts are covered, NVQ 5 is covered in next year time and after that one and half years of their studies, the students are to undergo a six-month industry training, monitored by the National Apprenticeship Institute and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA). Then they are back to the university to complete NVQ 6.





Programme Content

Ø Foundation (06 months)

  1. Wharf clerk
  2. Relevant Industry Exposure

Ø NVQ 05 – (01 year)

Semester 01

  1. Introduction to shipping
  2. Sales and Marketing
  3. Introduction to documentation & Customer Service
  4. Basic Human Resources Management and General Office Administration
  5. Workplace Information Management
  6. Workplace Communication Management

  • I63C001M01
  • I63C001M02
  • I63C001M03
  • I63C001M04
  • EMTM01
  • EMTM02


Semester 02

  1. Vessel Husbanding
  2. Cargo Operations and Transshipment (Part 1)
  3. Equipment Control
  4. Equipment Inventory Management
  5. Planning and Scheduling work at Workplace

  • I63C001M05
  • I63C001M06
  • I63C001M07
  •  EMTM03


Ø OJT – On the Job Training (06 months)

6 Months on the Job Training under the supervision of NAITA.

Ø NVQ 06 –  (01 year)

Semester 01

  1. Cargo Operations and Transshipment (Part 2)
  2. Elements of Shipping Accounting
  3. Basic Shipping Law and Conventions
  4. Ship Operations Management
  5. Documentation in commercial shipping
  6. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  7. Teamwork and Leadership

  • I63C001M09
  • I63C001M10
  • I63C001M11
  • I63C001M12
  • I63C001M13
  • EMTM04
  • EMTM05

Semester 02

  1. Port and terminal management
  2. Shipping Business Management
  3. Logistics and Multimodal Transport Management
  4. Creating and maintaining a learning culture

  • I63C001M14
  • I63C001M15
  • I63C001M16
  • EMTM06