Telecommunication Technology

Higher National Diploma in Telecommunication

Telecommunication technology is one of the emerging technologies in a global context as well as in Sri Lanka currently accommodating thousands of employees in the telecommunication sector. Telecommunication changed radically over past decade, now it has become one of the essential parts of the day to day activities.

As a result of emerging university colleges in Sri Lanka, prospective students got a chance to obtain a highly recognized diploma in locally as well as internationally in order to pursue their careers in the telecommunication industry. National Diploma in Telecommunication Technology offers at University college of Ratmalana is designed to build a knowledgeable person suitable for the industry.

The course covers all the subject areas where telecommunication technology student should be competent such as, Electronics, engineering mathematics, mobile communication, broadband technology, satellite communication, networking etc. curriculum is developed by subject experts who have industrial experience for decades.

At the end of the diploma program, students will be able to obtain a NVQ Level 6 higher national diploma. After that student can apply for the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Degree program in the related discipline at University of Vocational Technology (UNIVOTEC) with NVQ 7.



Programme Content

Ø Foundation (06 months)

Ø NVQ Level 5  (01 Year)

Semester 01

I64T001M01  Basic Module
I64T001M02  Fundamentals of Electronic & Telecommunication-I
I64T001M03  Fundamentals of Data Communication
I64T001M04  Computer Applications
I64T001M05  Computer Networking
I64T001M06  Engineering Mathematics-5-I
EMPM01  Manage Workplace Information
EMPM02  Manage Workplace Communication

Semester 02

I64T001M07  Fundamentals of Electronic & Telecommunication-II
I64T001M08  Wave propagation, Antennas and Satellite Communication
I64T001M09  Mobile Communication and Basics of Cellular Communication
I64T001M10  Broadband telecommunication technologies
I64T001M11  Customer Premises Telecommunication Equipment   installation, configuring and maintenance
I64T001M12  Engineering Mathematics-5-II
EMPM03  Plan work to be performed at workplace

Ø OJT – On the Job Training (06 months)

Ø NVQ Level 6  (01 Year)

Semester 01

I64T001M13  Advanced Telecommunication Systems-I
I64T001M14  Advanced radio systems
I64T001M15  Computer Programming and Practice
I64T001M16  Electronics Circuits
I64T001M17  Networking Technologies
I64T001M18  Engineering Mathematics-6-I
EMPM04  Problem Solving and Decision Making
EMPM05  Teamwork  and Leadership

Semester 02

I64T001M19  Advanced Telecommunication Systems-II
I64T001M20  Project Management
I64T001M21  Microwave and Ultrasonic Technology
I64T001M22  Electronics Instruments and Measurements
I64T001M23  Mathematics-6-II
EMPM06  Creation & Maintenance of a learning culture