The On-the-Job Training Assessment Requirements – Intake 2020

This is to notify you that the on-the-job training period for the UCR intake 2020 has been extended to 10th August 2023, instead of the original deadline.  The On-the-Job Training Evaluation (NAITA Viva) for the 2020 intake has been scheduled for the third week of September.  The following requirements must be met in order to participate in the on-the-job training evaluation:

  • The student must submit the completed contract form to NAITA in order to be registered to the NAITA database
  • The student should have completed the required training period specified by the respective program (06 months for all programmes)
  • The student should have the properly completed project report, on-the-job training Log Book (provided by NAITA), and the student’s record book provided by the college (pg. 141 –  Details of Industry  & pg. 142 – OJT schedule)
Only the students who have met all the conditions listed above will be qualified to sit for the NAITA viva

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