Higher National Diploma

NVQ Levels 5 and 6
The selected students are required to successfully complete relevant gap filling, ICT and
language programs to develop their practical and language skills required to follow NVQ
5 and 6 courses

National Vocational Qualification is recognized nationally and internationally and
thereby better employment opportunities are available across national and international
arena. This opens pathway leading to a Degree in Technology and certain exemptions are
granted in degree programs. It also enhances career development opportunities. The
curriculum designed is based on National Competency Standards and NVQ holders are
acceptable in the Industry and are often offered better salary structures.
After completion of the NVQ level 6 courses subject to satisfy the eligible criteria of
admission to the degree, students can follow NVQ 7 degree program, in the same or any
other University College or at University of Vocational Technology ( UNIVOTEC)
where such degree program are offered.