The recruitment of students to our college will be subjected to an approved criteria prescribed by the board of the college and UNIVOTEC. By doing so, we will be able to ensure that qualified students will be admitted to fill the available capacity through interviews and to ensure that an appropriate number of candidates selected will belong to all the ethnic groups in Sri Lanka.

Eligibility criteria for Diploma Courses

Students from the NVQ system and G.C.E Advanced Level streams will be eligible to gain entry to the NVQ level 05 and 06  Diploma courses.

Thus there will be two categories of entry requirement:

  1. Candidates who possess NVQ level 4 in an appropriate occupation
  2. Candidates who have passed G.C.E (A/L) in general education system


Recruitment of the students

  1. Director of the college in consultation with the UNIVOTEC will advertise, for courses as per the requirement of the general academic calendar of the university college.
  2. Call applications for recruitment of students allowing 2 months for processing of applications and adequate time duration applicable for conducting the necessary foundation courses for gap filling.
  3. Selection of the candidates for courses will be done by an interview.
  4. Selection will be completed with a medical examination/ report if necessary.
  5. As there are two categories of entry qualifications, 60% enrollment is allocated for NVQ level 4 applicants and the balance 40% is allocated for G.C.E. A/L qualified applicants. However if the number of NVQ 4 certificate holders are not sufficient at the enrollment, additional opportunities will be offered to G.C.E A/L qualified applicants.
  6. Our college will maintain a personal database for each of the selected candidate which contain following documents,

  • Copy of application for the course.
  • Copy of birth certificate- certified photocopy by Director or Registrar or an authorized person.
  • Copies of all educational certificates, certified by Director or Registrar or designated person.
  • Certificate from the ‘Gramaniladari’ in the residential locality, attested by Divisional     Secretary.
  • School leaving certificate
  • A copy of National Identity Card
  • Any other documents if required.