Awarding Ceremony-2023

For Diploma  Awardees

    • You’re invited to participate for the Awarding Ceremony-2023 held on 24th February 2023. Please find the attached “Invitation for Awarding Ceremony”
  • Invitation for Guests


  • Invitation for awardees

    • Diploma Awardees need to strictly  follow the given instructions in the “UC Diploma Special Notice” attached herewith.

    • Kindly note that we have planned to issue the Cloaks to the Diploma Awardees on 20th and 21th  February 2023 from 10.00 AM to 3.00PM at the Student Service Division of the University College. You need to come to collect the cloaks on the above days and make sure to collect the refreshment tokens on the same day.  (Cloaks should be return to the College Staff on 24.02.2023 after the Awarding Ceremony).


    •  Agenda


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