Higher National Diploma in Cosmetology

Higher National Diploma in Cosmetology (NVQ Level 6) offered by University College of Ratmalana (UCR) enriches students’ knowledge and experience in the broad domain of Cosmetology while inculcating the right attitudinal characteristics to peruse a successful career in Cosmetology.

The profession of Cosmetology is generally, yet insufficiently, understood as a profession of beautifying people (this is normally NVQ Level 4). However, Cosmetology extends beyond mere beautifying people into ensuring the wellbeing of people. The field of Reflexology, which is under the shelter of Cosmetology, is one such example beyond beautification. A cosmetologist is required to have a good knowledge of the skin, anatomy and physiology, science of cosmetic products, etc. The curriculum offered by UCR covers these areas as well as other employability skills such as management and communication skills.

The total duration of the programme is 3 years. The programme starts with the foundation course of six months duration.  After the foundation course, students study towards NVQ Level 5 (two semesters) over a period of one year. Then, students are given the opportunity to get on-the-job training (OJT) for six months. NVQ Level 6 starts after OJT. Duration of NVQ Level 6 is also one year making the total duration of the course three years.

Upon completing NVQ Level 6 qualifications, students have diverse paths to select for their career depending on their skills, opportunities, and interests. Due to the growing demand for high-quality cosmetology treatments from well-qualified people, there is a great opportunity for students become entrepreneurs as well.

Module Content

Ø Foundation

The foundation course has two parts. Those who make direct entry from A/L examination into Higher National Diploma will have to follow most of the NVQ Level 4 course modules on Beautician and Hairdresser during the foundation course.

Those who enter after completion of NVQ Level 4 qualifications in Cosmetology will have to follow basic mathematics, English, biology, etc. during the foundation course.

Ø NVQ 05

NVQ Level 5 has two semesters offering the following compulsory modules.

Semester 1
Module Code Module Name
O93C001M01 Introduction to Professional Cosmetology and Ethics
O93C001M02 Health, Safety and First Aid in Cosmetology Services
O93C001M03 Limitations of Cosmetologist with Respect to Skin, Hair and Nail Disorders to be Attended
O93C001M04 Nutrition, Diet and Exercise-Related to Cosmetology
O93C001M05 Cosmetics Products for Skin, Nail and Hair Services
O93C001M06 Advance Skin Care
EMTM01 Workplace Information Management
EMTM02 Workplace Communication Management
Semester 2
Module Code Module Name
O93C001M07 Advance Hair Treatments and Advance Hair Dressing
O93C001M08 Customer Care, Market Promotions and Interpersonal Relations in the Salon
O93C001M09 Advance Hand Care and Foot Care
O93C001M10 Regulatory Requirements for Hair & Beauty Industry
O93C001M11 Infrastructure and Equipment Maintenance
EMTM03 Planning and Scheduling Work at Workplace

Ø OJT – An Introduction about the OJT.

After completion of NVQ Level 5, students are sent to various workplaces of their choice, depending on the availability of placement, to gain experience while engaged in work. This paves the way for students to apply their developed skills and acquired knowledge to actual work in a real work environment beyond the laboratory while facilitating them to learn further skills required by specific jobs.

Ø NVQ 06

NVQ Level 6 also consists of two semesters. The first semester provides a set of compulsory modules while Semester 2 offers some elective modules as well, in addition to compulsory modules.

Semester 1
Module Code Module Name
O93C001M12 Ayurvedic Beauty Therapy
O93C001M13 Anatomy and Physiology of Skin, Hair and Nails
O93C001M14 Advanced Makeup
O93C001M15 Staff Training and Development
EMTM04 Problem Solving and Decision Making
EMTM05 Teamwork and Leadership
Semester 2 (Compulsory Modules)
Module Code Module Name
O93C001M16 Organize Competition and Shows
O93C001M17 Marketing of Cosmetology Services
O93C001M18 Entrepreneurship in Cosmetology
EMTM06 Creating & Maintaining a Learning Culture at the Workplace
Elective Modules
O93C001M18 Advance Nail Technology
O93C001M19 Nail Artistry
O93C001M20 Operations and Maintenance of Electrical Machines used in Skin Care
O93C001M21 Advance Skin Technology
O93C001M22 Chemical services on Hair
O93C001M23 Hair Artistry and Fantasy Hair Styles