Event Management

Higher National Diploma in Event Management

National Diploma  in Event Management of three university colleges affiliated to University of Vocational Technology  of Sri Lanka including University College of Ratmalana (UCR) is the only comprehensive higher education programme in this emerging field of the island  offered by government higher education institutes in Sri Lanka in order to produce skilled professionals for booming meeting, incentive travel, conference & exhibition industry (MICE) of Sri Lanka & beyond.

  It has been designed to cover wide range of areas in the discipline with considerable emphasis on general management related modules such as human resource management, marketing & accounting. Modules focusing on core areas of the field including fundamentals of event management, event planning, event implementation, event concept & designing, event leadership & communication, event proposals, event goals, objectives and strategies form the unique subject area of the programme. Comprehensive knowledge on the modern theoretical aspects & practical aspects of event management with practical working experience at the premises of the college and at reputed event management companies of the country is provided for the students.

  • Foundation Duration – 6 months
  • NVQ 06 Duration – two & half years (including 6 months OJT) 
  • Overall Duration of the course – 3 years (120 credits) 

Module Content

Ø Foundation

  • Occupational safety & health
  • Basic workshop practice 1
  • Basic electrical practices
  • Basic engineering drawings
  • Computer application assistant

Competency Based Training Curriculum for NVQ Level 6 National Diploma in Event Management

NVQ Level 6 Qualification

Semester 1

Module Code Module
H55C002M01 Fundamentals of Event Management
H55C002M02 Event Goals, Objectives and Strategies
H55C002M03 Event Planning Process
H55C002M04 Manage implementation process of the Event
H55C002M05 Business Organization and Management
H55C002M06 IT and Managing Information
EMTM01 Workplace Information Management
EMTM02 Workplace Communication Management

Semester 2

Module Code Module
H55C002M07 ICT for Event Management
H55C002M08 Occupational Health and Safety Procedures 
H55C002M09 Practice ENGLISH For Event Management
H55C002M10 Event Leadership and Communication –Part 1
H55C002M11 Event concept and designing
EMTM03 Planning work to be performed at workplace

Ø OJT – An Introduction about the OJT.

      Six months on the job training is provided for the students at reputed leading event management companies in Sri Lanka in order to arm them with working experience in the modern event industry of the island. NAITA, the government agency in charge for apprentice training monitors & evaluates the training to ensure the high quality & standard.    

Semester 3


Module Code Module
H55C002M12 Marketing Management
H55C002M13 Marketing planning for events
H55C002M14 Event promotion and public relations
H55C002M15 Human Resource Management
H55C002M16 Organize Team for an Event
H55C002M17 Event leadership and communication II
EMTM04 Problem Solving and Decision Making
EMTM05 Teamwork and Leadership

Semester 4

Module code Module
H55C002M18 Managing Event Risk and Security
H55C002M19 Basic event accounting and financing
H55C002M20 Event proposals
H55C002M21 Entrepreneurship Development
H55C002M22 Quality Management for Events Management
EMTM06 Creation& maintenance of a learning culture