Fashion Design Technology

Higher National Diploma in Fashion Design Technology

Fashion Design Technology program prepares students for a career in the sectors of highly competitive fashion industry by ensuring that students have the necessary combination of creative, technical, intellectual and communication skills which is the prime scope of the program. Developing the basic skills of researching, designing, Pattern making and design realization with problem solving in achieving a creative finished product will direct students to become a successful designers.

Program Content


  • Pattern Maker – D18S007
  • Tailor – D18S004
  • Hair Dresser and Beautician – O93S001 & O93S002

Semester I

Module Code Module
D18C001M01 Introduction to Fashion design
D18C001M02 Introduction to trend research in Fashion – I
D18C001M03 Concept development & visual presentation-I
D18C001M04 Concept development & visual presentation –II
D18C001M05 Basic design development
D18C001M06 Fashion illustration& technical drawing –I
EMTM01 Workplace Information Management

 Semester 2 

Module Code Module
D18C001M07 Pattern making –I
D18C001M08 Fabrics, trims and accessories
D18C001M09 Garment construction
D18C001M10 Products development-I
D18C001M11 Portfolio development and presentation
EMTM02 Workplace Communication Management
EMTM03 Planning and Scheduling work at workplace


OJT – On the Job Training (06 months)

An on the job training for 6 months after students completed NVQ Level 5 which supervision by the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA). This Training especially focuses to develop the industrial knowledge of students in relevant fields in the Fashion and Apparel Industry.

Semester 3 

Module Code Module
D18C001M12 Introduction to trend research in Fashion – II
D18C001M13 Design development
D18C001M14 Fashion illustration & technical drawing-II
D18C001M15 Value added applications in fashion
EMTM04 Solve problems- make decisions

 Semester 4 

Module Code Module
D18C001M16 Pattern making – II
D18C001M17 Products development- II
D18C001M18 Fashion product marketing and Portfolio presentation
D18C001M19 Professional development
EMTM05 Provide leadership and facilitate work teams
EMTM06 Facilitate the establishment and maintenance