Television Programme Production Technology

Higher National Diploma in Television Programme Production

The Studies on Television is an academic discipline established with the social demand of youth,
everywhere in the world. With the emergence of the University Colleges in Sri Lanka, the pathway to be
qualified in Television Studies has become true and is accommodated for the youth now.
Studying on Television in University College of Rathmalana is a multi-disciplinary accomplishment of
Concept development and writing, direction, management, camera, Audio designing, lighting, editing,
graphics, animation and overall production planning on the technical and technological platform. The
curriculum of each diploma is developed and validated with the participation of a panel of subject experts,
who represent every aspect of the specialty such as technology, designing, logistics, and creativity, to be
appropriated with the aforesaid multi-disciplinary accomplishment.
The curriculum is formulated with the allocation of practical training on equipment and technology that
aims to produce the NVQ 5 and NVQ 6 qualified team of middle-level technicians for the industry and
the nation. And NVQ 5 and NVQ6 qualify the students’ eligibility to apply for the B.Tech Degree in the
relevant discipline at University of Vocational Technology with NVQ 7.







Programme Content

Ø Foundation (06 months)

Ø NVQ 05 – (01 year)

Semester 1

Module Code Module
D32T003M01 Introduction to Mass Communication
D32T003M02 Basics of Engineering Mathematics
D32T003M03 Basics of Technology in Audio-Visual Production
D32T003M04 Fundamental of Screenplay writing
D32T003M05 Camera Technology and Techniques
D32T003M06 Basic Technology of Lighting and Lighting Techniques
D32T003M07 Techniques of AV Product Development
D32T003M08 Aesthetic of Editing-I
D32T003M09 Basics of Production Planning Methods
Employability Modules  
EMPM01 Workplace Information Management
EMPM02 Workplace Communication Management

Semester 02

Module Code Module
D32T003M10 Aspects of Post-production Planning
D32T003M11 Basic Application of Audio technology and Techniques
D32T003M12 Application of Graphics and Animations in AV Production
D32T003M13 Basics of Production designing
D32T003M14 Application of Make-up in AV production
D32T003M15 Basics of Editing Technology and Techniques
D32T003M16 Multi-camera Technology and Techniques
D32T003M17 Understanding Direction & Director
D32T003M18 Basics of Broadcasting technology
D32T003M19 Ethics, Intellectual property rights, and media law
D32T003M20 Occupational Safety and Health Procedures and Practices
D32T003M21 Final Project-I (Individual submission)
Employability Modules  
EMPM03 Planning and Scheduling work at workplace

Ø  OJT – On the Job Training (06 months)

An on the job training for 6 months after students completed NVQ Level 5 which supervision by the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA). This Training especially focus to develop the industrial knowledge of students in relevant fields in Television Post Production.

Ø NVQ 06 –  (01 year)

Semester 01

Module Code Module
D32T003M22 Engineering Mathematics
D32T003M23 Film Language and Aesthetics
D32T003M24 Art, culture and critical theory
D32T003M25 Audio Video Technology for New Media
D32T003M26 Introduction to Media Marketing of AV products
D32T003M27 Writing for Screen
D32T003M28 Designing Screen Production
D32T003M29 Production Management in Screen Production
D32T003M30 Designing Sound for Screen
Employability Modules  
EMPM04 Problem Solving and Decision Making
EMPM05 Teamwork and Leadership

Semester 02

Module Code Module
D32T003M31 Aesthetic of Editing-II
D32T003M32 Entrepreneurship Development
and small Business Management
D32T003M33 Elements of Art and Design
D32T003M34 Production Designing for Screen
D32T003M35 Costume Designing for Screen
D32T003M36 Usage of Special Effect Make-up for Screen
D32T003M37 News, News Features and Current Affairs in Television
D32T003M38 Final Project-II
Employability Modules  
EMPM06 Creating & maintaining a learning