Reasons to study at University College of Ratmalana

We are enrolling students who have completed the advanced level in any stream and exert them a gap filling program of a period of six months and then the student should commence NVQ levels 05 and 06 for a period of two years in their respective fields of study. Within this two and half year, they continuously learn English and information communication technology as compulsory subjects, which will be supportive for them to improve the required competencies.

We grant them a 6 month On the Job Training (OJT) within three years’ time and also we provide them good job opportunities at the end of the diploma course. While they are learning they have to face many exams and individual or group assignments. Within the program, we scort our students to different organizations to collect practical experience as field visits to gain vast knowledge related to each subject. Throughout the diploma course, they can obtain different skills such as presentation skills, leadership, communication skills and teamwork etc. As well as we are carrying out different extra-curricular programs such as personality building programs, interpersonal communication skills development programs and leadership building programs etc. However, at end of the Diploma program, we can undoubtedly produce and release fully fledged competent professionals to the local and foreign job market.

College Life

Club Activities

Club activities are an integral part of UCR student life. The Clubs are proposed and run by the students themselves under the guidance and supervision of the academic staff of UCR. These activities inculcate students with the necessary sense of teamwork and brotherhood while engaging in activities they like. Clubs are also a path to enhance the varied talents among the student body of UCR and essential soft skills, with a view of developing their overall personality.

Living in Ratmalana

Conveniently located in the western province of Sri Lanka facing the beautiful Indian Ocean, offering more culture, entertainment, and shopping and sports opportunities than any other cosmopolitan areas in Sri Lanka. Ratmalana has grown into a major industrial, business and 
trading center and at the same time, Ratmalana has become the main hub of Vocational Training and Education.


The people of Ratmalana are from diverse ethnic backgrounds and are generally friendly and easy to get along with. One could find them nice and relatively tolerant of other cultures.


Four religions are recognized mainly: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Catholic. Temples, mosques, and churches are found right through the area where the college is located which provided the students the opportunity to do their religious activities without any interruptions.


Ratamalna has a fairly even climate all year round and here the climate is quite hot and humid. The average temperature ranges from 32 Celsius at noon and 29 Celsius at night.


Buses are the most common means of public transportation and there is a large number of buses available in the main Galle road towards Colombo and southern province throughout the day. There are about km from the college to the nearest main railway station which is rather convenient to all the students who study at our college when they want to go to their homes.


There are plenty of private boarding places specially constructed for students at convenient rates providing all the facilities, in Ratmalana area as one of the major State universities is also located close to our college. They could either have their own individual room or could share the accommodation with two or more friends which would allow them to do their studies easily and enjoy the free time.